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In memory of Wayne Lawler 1956 – 2021

05 Jul. 2021

With sadness, we mark the recent passing of Wayne Lawler, long-term photographer for Australian Wildlife Conservancy and a muchloved member of the AWC family. 

A passionate conservationist, Wayne was among Australia’s finest nature photographers. From his youth he was dedicated to the craft, working initially with colour-correcting film. He fell in love with the process – not just taking pictures but also with the chemistry behind light and exposure.


A numbat at Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary. Wayne Lawler/AWC
A Numbat at Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary in western NSW.


Wayne covered conservation campaigns in Australia and New Guinea, and established Australia’s first environmental photo library. Wayne’s commitment to documenting natural history saw him travelling for months at a time, living and working from his trusty old Land Rover as he criss-crossed the country.  

Over his many years of work with AWC, Wayne produced a comprehensive visual record of the animals, places, people and work that make up the organisation. A good-natured, quiet companion on countless wildlife survey expeditions, animal translocations, and ministerial launches, he will be warmly remembered and sorely missed by all who had the pleasure of working with him. 


Early light on Fitzroy Bluff at Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary in the Kimberley. Wayne Lawler/AWC
Early light on Fitzroy Bluff at Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary in the Kimberley.


Wayne’s vast catalogue, comprising tens of thousands of images of some of Australia’s rarest species and most spectacular landscapes, is a legacy that will continue to inspire for many years to come. His photos are a lasting tribute to Wayne, a true hero for Australia’s wildlife and wild places. 


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Wayne Lawler/AWC
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