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Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) was founded by British-born Martin Copley in the early 1990’s. AWC represents an exciting new model for conservation – one based on practical land management (fire management, feral animal control, weed eradication) and world-class science.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy is a global leader in conservation with the mission to effectively conserve all Australian native animal species and the habitats in which they live. AWC protects a very high proportion of Australia’s biodiversity, including:

  • 74 per cent of native mammal species (215 species)

  • 88 per cent of native bird species (546 species)

  • 54 per cent of reptile species (555 species)

  • 56 per cent of amphibian species (133 species)

In fact, AWC protects more species – and more threatened species – than any other non-government organisation.

AWC’s approach is delivering measurable increases in the wild populations of Australia’s most endangered species. Supporting AWC’s work provides an opportunity to halt the decline of wildlife and restore Australia’s natural capital. Recognising that no other non-government organisation in Australia was providing the same ecological return on investment, AWC UK was formed in 2008 to raise funds to support AWC’s important work.

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