Kids’ Corner

Hi junior scientists!

Welcome to your very own Kids Corner – filled with fun facts and cool things to do and create!

On this page you will meet some of Australia’s most weird and wonderful wildlife and learn about their habitats, favourite foods and what makes them so special.

Discover what a Gouldian Finch likes for lunch, learn where a Western Quoll sleeps during the day, and find out all about Australia’s largest burrowing animal, the Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat.

From your friends at Australian Wildlife Conservancy, we hope you enjoy learning about some of Australia’s wonderful animals and why it’s so important that we care for them!

Introducing Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s first Kids Activity Book!


Awc Kids Book Spread 1200x600

Filled with bite-sized information, original illustrations and fun-filled activities for kids aged 5-10, the book focuses on threatened and iconic species found on AWC sanctuaries and partnership areas across Australia.

Click the button below to download a copy to print at home, with the option to donate to protect threatened wildlife.

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Check out our wildlife in their natural habitat

Here’s where you might find some of our wildlife — who lives closest to you?

Kids Corner Species Map

Check out these amazing drawings from some of our friends!

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