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Professor Martine Maron joins the Board of Australian Wildlife Conservancy

10 Jan. 2023

Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Martine Maron to its Board of Directors. An eminent conservation scientist with decades of experience in research and policy, Professor Maron’s appointment bolsters the scientific and policy expertise on AWC’s non-executive board, which oversees the strategic direction of the NGO.

AWC Board Chair Nick Butcher welcomed Professor Maron’s appointment.

“Professor Maron makes an invaluable addition to the Board. She brings years of experience at the very forefront of conservation research and policy in Australia. Her important work has been pivotal in raising awareness of Australia’s biodiversity crisis, as well as formulating solutions.”


Professor Martine Maron joins AWC's board with decades of experience in research and policy. Kirsten Graham Photography/AWC
Professor Martine Maron joins AWC’s board with decades of experience in research and policy.


Martine Maron is Professor of Environmental Management at The University of Queensland, Australia. Her research group works on problems at the interface of environmental policy and ecology, particularly the conservation and recovery of Australia’s threatened birds and woodland bird assemblages. Professor Maron also works to improve conservation and impact mitigation policy and practice, particularly relating to deforestation and biodiversity offsetting. Professor Maron chairs the IUCN’s Impact Mitigation and Ecological Compensation Thematic Group, is a member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists and is currently President of BirdLife Australia.

Professor Maron was a Deputy Director of the former Threatened Species Recovery Hub, part of the National Environmental Science Program (NESP) of which AWC was the only non-University partner. The Hub aimed to facilitate and deliver critical research into biodiversity issues across Australia.

In December, Professor Maron was appointed to the Biodiversity Council. The Council will act as an “expert voice communicating accurate information on all aspects of biodiversity to the Australian people, to ensure biodiversity and Country prosper.” Professor John Woinarski, another AWC Board Director, was also announced as a Councillor on the Biodiversity Council.

Professor Maron said she is looking forward to joining the AWC Board.

“The role of organisations like AWC is now more important than ever. AWC’s work demonstrates that it really is possible to restore fully healthy ecosystems at a large scale. Setting that example remains really important. At the same time, AWC’s ambition is expanding.”

AWC also recognises and celebrates the significant contributions of Michelle Belgiorno, who retires from the Board, having served as a Director since 2013. Michelle has been dedicated to the mission of AWC, with a particular interest in staff, science and First Nations involvement, and served on the Board’s Nomination and Remuneration committee.

Professor Maron’s term on the Board commenced on December 9.

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