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The Copley Circle – legacies for wildlife

20 Nov. 2018
© Wayne Lawler/AWC

By Shauna Chadlowe, Chief Development Officer

In recognition of our generous supporters who are leaving a lasting legacy for the benefit of Australia’s wildlife by including AWC in their wills, we are pleased to announce the establishment of The Copley Circle. The name attributed to AWC’s bequest program also honours the remarkable legacy of Martin Copley, AM, AWC’s Founder and Chairman for nearly 15 years.

Martin made an exceptional contribution to slowing and reversing the extinction crisis in Australia. Few people, if any, have made such an immense contribution to the conservation of Australia’s native wildlife. Across the AWC estate, from Gouldian Finches to Woylies, and Golden Bandicoots to Numbats, Martin’s legacy continues to grow.

As with our supporters who are inspiring others to leave legacies for Australia’s wildlife by generously including AWC in their wills, Martin led by example. In so doing, Martin pioneered many key conservation strategies and helped inspire the growth of environmental philanthropy in Australia.


AWC Founder, Martin Copley © AWC
AWC Founder, Martin Copley


Leaving a gift in your will is a wonderful way to help secure the future of Australia’s native wildlife and protect the values that are important to you well beyond your lifetime.

We welcome your involvement. By notifying AWC of your intention by filling out our confidential response form and ticking YES, confirming that you have included AWC in your Will, you will be eligible to join The Copley Circle and enjoy the benefits that membership of this select group entails, including:

  • Invitations to some very special events at AWC’s remote sanctuaries;
  • The chance to meet AWC’s dedicated team of field ecologists and land managers;
  • Invitations to AWC’s city-based events; and
  • The opportunity to receive special reports and updates from the field.

Joining the Copley Circle not only provides greater opportunities for you to engage with AWC on a more personal level during your lifetime, it will also help AWC to continue to deploy an effective strategy – practical land management and world-class science – to protect and restore Australia’s precious threatened wildlife and their habitats for future generations.

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