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Tim White appointed to Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s Executive Team

22 Nov. 2022
Sophie Winter/AWC

Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) is pleased to announce that Tim White has joined the Executive Team in the position of Chief Operations Officer (COO) to lead, coordinate and support operations and land management projects at AWC sanctuaries and partnership sites.

Tim is a highly experienced conservation land manager with almost three decades of experience practising conservation land management across Australia, particularly in Far North Queensland. This includes 10 years in various leadership positions including Sanctuary Manager at AWC’s Mount Zero–Taravale Wildlife Sanctuary in Far North Queensland and Regional Operations Manager North East, and 17 years managing national parks in Far North Queensland and on the Cape York Peninsula with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.


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Tim steps into the role of Chief Operations Officer with almost three decades of practising conservation land management across Australia.


In his new role, Tim leads AWC’s team of land management operators located in remote areas across the country, in addition to developing and overseeing the implementation of operational plans to address threats to wildlife and ecosystems across 12.9 million hectares of land. For scale, that’s almost 2% of the Australian landscape.

“I am thrilled to be able to continue my contribution and commitment to AWC’s work across Australia and feel honoured with the confidence that our CEO and other Executive officers have placed in me with this new appointment,” Tim said.

“I can’t overstate the respect and at times amazement at which I view the tenacity of AWC ‘s field teams committed to conducting land management and science across some of the most remote and challenging landscapes in Australia.”


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In his new role, Tim leads an Operations Team of land management operators while also developing and overseeing the implementation of operational plans.


Over recent years, Tim has had carriage of significant partnerships including with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Bullo River Station, and has played an important role in conservation infrastructure projects such as the feral predator-free fence which is currently under construction at Mount Zero–Taravale Wildlife Sanctuary and will enable the reintroduction of the endangered Northern Bettong.

“This is a well-deserved promotion,” said Tim Allard, AWC Chief Executive Officer. “I look forward to seeing how Tim’s modern approach to land management will transform the way in which the team operates as well as the positive outcomes it will have on Australia’s unique species and incredible landscapes.”


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Tim has held various leadership positions within AWC over the last decade and helped launch an Ambassadorship partnership with Mark Webber in 2021.


Tim steps into the role vacated by former COO James Hewitt, who has been appointed to Head of Strategy and Engagement, a newly created position overseeing external engagement with a particular focus on education, visitor management and volunteering.

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