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Update on Australia’s largest aerial burning program

19 May. 2021
Brad Leue/AWC

Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s massive prescribed burning program is being carried out this month in partnership with our partners in the Kimberley. 

At this time, the program is approaching the halfway point with over 10,000 kilometres of aerial burns completed by helicopter. Here’s a a short video update from our team in the field.  



AWC fire managers are working alongside rangers from Wilinggin Aboriginal Corporation (WAC) and Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation (DAC) to deliver best-practice savanna burning on a vast scale

Working across more than 6 million hectares (15 million acres)our joint team is responsible for the largest non-government fire management program in Australiaone which has been steadily improving ecological outcomes for fifteen years. 


Prescribed Burning In The Kimberley Is Underway. Brad Leue/AWC
Prescribed burning in the Kimberley is underway.


Why burn at this time of year? 

Northern Australian ecosystems evolved in the constant presence of fire, carefully applied for generations by Indigenous people to maintain healthy Country. Fire has become integral to how these ecosystems operate, but timing is paramount. 

Early dry season burning limitthe spread of destructive wildfires and promotes a healthy mix of different vegetation ages, while maintaining ground cover for species to seek shelter from feral cats and native predators. By contrast, late dry season wildfires are typically hotter, bigger, and burn more thoroughly, razing any ground cover, destroying food resources and leaving native animals exposed to predators. 


Awc Works With Partners At Wilinggin Aboriginal Corporation (wac) And dambimangari aboriginal Corporation (dac) To Implement The Fire Program Every Year. Brad Leue/AWC
AWC works with partners from Wilinggin Aboriginal Corporation (WAC) and Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation (DAC) to implement the fire program every year.


Equipped with traditional knowledge combined with more than a decade of trailblazing AWC research, our Kimberley team is on the ground and in the air managing fire to help wildlife thrive. 

For more information on our fire program, click here.

Australia’s wildlife needs our help now more than ever. Thank you for your support, which is enabling AWC to restore populations of native animals around Australia.

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